Dental LED Light Alya

In order to achieve the best results under safety and health conditions, dentists need to operate in a clear view environment.

Given its composition, it has been verified that sunlight would be the best lighting source ever, since it allows the perceptions of every small detail in objects and figures, as well as a perfect rendering of colours. An artificial light that is qualitatively similar to that of the sun would be the ideal solution to allow dentists to get a clear view and facilitate their job.

What is the sunlight spectrum?

The white light that penetrates the human eye is composed of a mix of wavelengths that are at the root of colours perception. The entire field of wavelengths is called “spectrum”.
The spectrum of the sun shows a homogeneous distribution of wavelengths, allowing a clear and real vision of what surrounds us, whereas the most common LED lighting sources are today characterised by a discontinuous spectrum that cannot guarantee the same sunlight quality.
Spectrum of the new ALYA lamp
Spectrum of the new ALYA lamp
With ALYA lamp, FARO sets a new reference to state of the art of LED technology, the present and the future of shadowless and uniformity of lighting for dental medical use.

ALYA is entirely made in Italy with Italian technology, thanks to the ongoing commitment of all the people who works together to provide an excellent product.

ALYA is the lamp designed for the needs of the doctor and patients.

High technology and attractive design make it a perfect synthesis of functionally and aesthetics.

Suitable for any lighting requirements

  • The continuous adjustment of luminous intensity enables selecting the optimal lighting level according to the different room lighting conditions.

The most extensive range of lighting solutions to suit all works

  • ALYA lighting level can be adjusted from 3.000 to 50.000 LUX. A single light to work on composites and perform surgery.

Perfectly suitable for all brands of dental units

  • The pins with different diameters available make possible to mount ALYA on dental units of different brands.

Ready for use in seconds, even after switch-off

  • ALYA stores the data of last lighting level used, after turning off the dental unit and after the rinse function.

A clear and shadow free operating area

  • ALYA has been designed to feature optimal scialytic effect reducing the shadow effect of instruments and natural barriers to a minimum.

Handy, comfortable and smooth. In any direction

  • The 3-D patented rotation system makes ALYA movements extremely smooth, ensuring perfect orientation.

Reflected light patented optical design

  • The exclusive reflected light optical design of ALYA ensures a light spot of absolute evenness and high definition, with no risk of dazzling your patients.

The FARO light system


Three synchronised light sources that work together to provide perfect room illumination.

An integrated lighting system that makes the visual transition between the different working areas easy and comfortable, avoiding stress and fatigue for operators.


The ceiling multi-directional light that guarantees homogeneous light distribution across the room. Find out more

ALYA 2.0

The operating lamp that reproduces 95% of the solar spectrum, guaranteeing the best colour rendering. Find out more


The pre-operation lighting system that improves visibility in the work area, reducing visual stress. Find out more
Sistema Luce FARO
FARO Patented Synchronization System - PP n. IT 202017000070648
Power Supply with transformer 230 Vac +/- 10% - 50/60 Hz
Power Supply with power pack 90-264 Vac - 47-63Hz
Power Supply without power pack 17-24 Vac - 50-60 Hz 22-35 Vdc
Absorbed Power max 26 VA
Lux from 3.000 to 50.000 (at 700 mm of distance)
Lighting Spot 205 x 100 mm (at 700 mm of distance)
Cooling system static heat sink (no fan required)
Handles removable and autoclavable
Medical Device complies with Directive 93/42/EEC and s.m.i. - Medical devices - class I - Applied Standards: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, EN 60825 , EN 62471; 24 months guarantee.
* (The above specifications are typical values subject to tolerance)


External Power Supply

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