The first FARO room light designed for dental practices

Always in search of the best lighting system for dental practices, FARO has designed SIDÈREA: the multi-directional room light that ensures an harmonious and homogeneous illumination of the workplace.

Elegant, minimal design: pleasing to the eye.

Sophisticated and functional, SIDÈREA creates a pleasantly elegant atmosphere to work in. The white aluminium surgical frame with chromed metal finishes matches well with the FARO family feeling and is perfectly in harmony with ALYA, the operating lamp.

Relaxing or performing light: the colour you need.

Thanks to the different colour temperatures, SIDÈREA allows to create the best working environment to suit all needs.

Homogeneous illumination: the perfect balance.

SIDÈREA is the multi-directional ceiling light that provides homogeneous and well distributed illumination, leaving no area in the shadow.

No glare: it loves your eyes.

SIDÈREA guarantees the visual comfort of patients and operators thanks to an UGR index below 10.
What is UGR?
UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is the quantitative measure of the glare of a light source within a room and ranges between 10 (no glare) and 30 (considerable glare).

How much light? As much as you need.

The illumination control allows to adapt the light to the needs of each operator, depending on the lighting conditions of the room.

Remote control

5 lighting options pre-set by FARO, which can be reconfigured by users to meet their specific needs.


Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, to control the ceiling light directly from any smartphone or tablet.

The FARO light system


Three synchronised light sources that work together to provide perfect room illumination.

An integrated lighting system that makes the visual transition between the different working areas easy and comfortable, avoiding stress and fatigue for operators.


The ceiling multi-directional light that guarantees homogeneous light distribution across the room. Find out more

ALYA 2.0

The operating lamp that reproduces 95% of the solar spectrum, guaranteeing the best colour rendering. Find out more


The pre-operation lighting system that improves visibility in the work area, reducing visual stress. Find out more
Sistema Luce FARO
FARO Patented Synchronization System - PP n. IT 202017000070648
Power 300 W max 200 W max
Dimensions 1.595 x 635 mm 1.030 x 645 mm
Weight 18,5 kg 14,5 kg
Lighting value up to 3.000 LUX (at 1,4 m distance) up to 2.200 LUX (at 1,4 m distance)
Colour Temperature Indirect: 4.000 K / Direct: 6.500 K Indirect: 4.000 K / Direct: 6.500 K
Colour Rendering Index >95 >95
UGR < 10 < 10
Complies with the standards EN 12464-1 and EN 62471.
* (The technical data specified refer to typical values subject to tolerance)
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