User-friendly, interactive, fast and ergonomic.

User-friendly, interactive, fast and ergonomic: NISEA Premium it is the full optional FARO class B autoclave, able to meet the requirements of the most advanced professional needs concerning the sterilisation cycle.

Intuitive interface

The 5'' high-definition colour touch screen display, and its intuitive graphics, make the use of NISEA Premium clear and simple.


Easy loading and unloading

NISEA Premium has been designed to simplify the operations of loading and unloading of both water and tools, in order to make the sterilisation cycle as easy as possible.

Full traceability

Cycle data and related reports are automatically saved in the internal memory and can be downloaded in digital format (PDF) via USB, Ethernet and Wi-fi (optional) or in paper format, using the dedicated external printer (optional).

B-Flash cycle

Thanks to the optimisation activities of the thermodynamic cycle, NISEA Premium performs cycles in a short time, while containing water consumption. The B-Flash cycle, flagship of FARO technology, allows to carry out class B cycles in a shorter time, preserving all the qualities of this type of cycle.

Conductivity sensor

Designed to preserve the efficiency of the autoclave and avoid deterioration caused by limestone, the conductivity sensor checks the quality of the inlet water in order to guarantee correct operation of the machine over time.

Enhanced drying

NISEA Premium has been developed to guarantee precise and effective drying in any condition and with any type of load.
Power supply voltage 220V – 60 Hz / 230V – 50/60 Hz / 240V – 50 Hz 220V – 60 Hz / 230V – 50/60 Hz / 240V – 50 Hz
Maximum current consumption 8.9 A 9.6 A
Maximum power consumption 2050 W 2200 W
External dimensions 493x484x654 mm 493x484x654 mm
Weight 57 Kg 61 Kg
Chamber dimensions 250 x 370 mm 250 x 450 mm
Loading tank volume 5.2 liters 5.2 liters

LOADS NISEA Premium 18 NISEA Premium 23
Maximum unpacked solid load (Std cycles) 5.5. Kg 6.5. Kg
Maximum packed solid load (Std cycles) 3.5 Kg 4 Kg
Maximum porous load (Std cycles) 1.5 Kg 2 Kg
Maximum packed solid load (B-Flash cycle) 0.5 Kg 0.7 Kg
Maximum porous load (B-Flash cycle) 0.2 Kg 0.3 Kg

134°C cycle - Standard 39' 43'
134°C cycle - Prion 53' 55'
121°C cycle - Standard 50' 53'
B-Flash cycle 26' 28'
Cycle autonomy 9 8
* Average values including pre-heating and drying phases with maximum load.
Reference standards: EN 13060 / EN 61010-1 / EN 61326 / EN 61010-2-40


USB connection
Ethernet connection
Wi-Fi connection setup (optional)
Cycle printing setup
Barcode labels printing setup
User management


Frontal water loading
Emergency frontal water loading
Frontal unloading water tank unloading
Frontal loading water tank unloading
Connection to the water network


Water conductivity sensor
Dust filter Delayed start
Longer drying time
Last cycle storage
Last test storage
Tray holder (shelves) and tray 5+5
Surgical containers setup 3


Tray and Tray Holder

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